Erdőskerti Xanadew   "Annie"
Annie(Erdőskerti Xanadew) is an import from the Erdőskerti Kennel in Hungary. She has a very lovely temperament and is obedient and sweet. She has health clearances from heart, elbows, eyes, and hips and is AKC registered with a CGC title. She has a very light coat with lovely feathering and tail feathers. She is a dream to live with and gets along well with other dogs. We couldn't have asked for a better dog for temperament breeding. Her sire is RACE THE SUN DE RIA VELA, 2X International Champion, with multiple European championships.
Southern Nova   "Heidi"
Southern Nova "Heidi" is a very loyal and intuitive dog. She senses the needs of those around her and is the first to comfort someone in distress. She is sweet and funny. When you talk to her, she listens and cocks her head to one side. She loves her walks and will do a little dance when she sees her lead taken down. She loves to be outdoors but is respectful and contented in the house. She is obedient and respectful of people and space. She does everything asked of her. She is VERY smart. She comes from beautiful champion lines. Her sire is the son of the 2X Hungarian Grand Champion. He is an import. She is a devoted mother. Most of her puppies will be a light honey color. She is light golden with a whiter underbelly. Her back fur is wavey. Her puppies will make very loyal companion dogs.
Southern Dewdream Lujza   "Lujza"
Southern Dewdream Lujza "Lujza" is an amazing companion! She is smart and very easy to live with. She learns quickly and has a loving, sweet personality. She has a silky coat with lots of feathers.
Her head is boxy and beautiful. She is a very smiley dog and loves to play. She comes from champion hunting, working, and show lines. Her sire is the son of the 2 X Hungarian Grand Champion.
both of her parents were imported from Hungary from the Erdoskerti Kennel. She moves very fluidly and is a dream to walk. She loves people and is very social. She has a quiet nature and loves to be with her family. She has no bad habits unless you count barking at the roadrunner that taunts her at the fence a bad habit. I believe that most of her puppies will be outstanding companion, service, and therapy animals. Lucky is the family who owns one of her wonderful puppies.